Greetings, my fellow travelers!

Raging River in Washington, USA
Cranes at the Port of Tacoma, Washington, USA
Washington Apple Commission, Wenatchee, Washington, USA

Traveling with My Family

For the most part, I travel with my family. My husband and I have four boys.

Our family enjoys visiting family and friends. We are small-scale miners and prospectors. (That means we mine for gold, silver, and precious gems.)

Occasionally, there will be posts where I have taken my suitcase and off I go alone. (Probably to visit one of my best friends a.k.a. 'girl time.')

Travel Blogger and Writer

I like promoting services and products that my family and I use.

I enjoy sharing what my blogger friends are doing with my readers.

I love writing articles for newspapers and magazines based on my travels. 

Work with Me

I am happy to discuss collaboration with companies, other bloggers, as well as media outlets. 

I have worked with Chambers of Commerce, newspapers, magazines, lodging, restaurants, and other establishments.

If you would like to see clips from my past adventures or to chat about how we could work together, please use the "Contact Me" form.

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