Hi!  I'm Adrienne!

Welcome to my travel blog where I get to share my adventures with you. Keep an eye out for my suitcase. (You never know when she'll pop up and make an appearance!) My suitcase loves to share tips with you, my readers!

I have always loved to travel. Over the years, my travels have been alone, with family, or close friends. I just love to travel!

These days, I tend to travel with my husband and our four boys. We love to spend time with extended family, are small-scale mineral prospectors, and enjoy seeing the sights as part of our boys' education as we educate them at home.

To learn more about our gluten free lifestyle and how we prepare for emergencies, please visit Gluten Free Preppers.

I'm currently working on growing a blog that offers books for those who live with or care for someone with food allergies. Go visit Food Allergy Bookstore.

We love doing family history research! So, yes, you guessed it, I've got a blog for that, too! Check it out at Finding My Twisted Roots.

My boys love to game and are blogging over at Friends Who Game.

My husband and I work from home and run The Milligan Group Intl.